A play on words. The Shaw Davey Slum is the latest venture from the Retail Savvy Group, and the name is based around a poverty report written in 1958 by two commissioners named Shaw and Davey about Carlton and surrounding areas. Known as the windscreen survey (because they didn’t get out of their cars), to demolish areas known as the “slums”. The name is an oxymoron and a celebration to Carlton’s diverse history of a great era for Australian Culture.

“The Slum” as it has been termed is unique in style, presentation and represents great value for money. The “Slum” is just off Lygon St with an openable rooftop; 36 gold plated cricket stump beer taps; hand made concrete bar top embedded with 24 carat gold and silver leaf on the ground floor and seashells on the top floor; a full service dining room focused on unique Australiana flavours, styled with traditional Australian bush spices. “The Slum” is about providing incredible value for money in a unique environment. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver fantastic value for money every hour of the day.

We’re also happy to tell you that you can take some slum home with you, our Bottleo is perfectly located on your way out with a small selection of wine and bottle beer to take home.

Video courtesy of the The Restaurant Network